Time Travel:
Through The Two Worlds

Time_Travel (2)

Is time travel possible have we already mastered it?

By: Dr. Tom Macon, PhD

The Stephen Hawking Theory

Stephen Hawking once commented ‘I am obsessed by time’ and so is the world that passes by us each moment. He said if he had a time machine he’d visit Marilyn Monroe in her prime or drop in just when Galileo turned his telescope to the heavens. Thoughts and aspirations like those dwell in the minds of not only great achievers but also normal people of day to day like us.

The Time Travel Fantasy

Travelling in time appeared to be a scientific heresy once but now with the possibility of time travel becoming a reality, there appears to be a brighter side of things. The fantasy of a time travel can be possible only when we look at things from the eyes of a physicist. The eyes that look at the fourth dimension while living in the other three.

Story of the Fourth Dimension

It is this fourth one, the dimension of time responsible for time travelling often depicted in movies where huge energy hungry machines force their way through deep dark tunnels and off they go into the past or find their way to the future. The concept may be far- fetched and might elude reality but the idea is not so crazy!

Defining Time Travel

So basically time travel is extending into the undiscovered fourth dimension and moving between different points in space by going way ahead of our comfort zone in order to achieve the fascination that is otherwise bound by the walls of our imagination. Though The Time Machine of HG Wells may have popularized the concept of time travel and depicted time in a very narrow concept, the reality test shows how flawed the idea is.

The Truth

It talks about the element of elasticity that time possesses and how we can easily transcend through various spaces. It is known that time is not an impenetrable barrier. The only requirement is that our species is yet to discover the science which breaks through all such barriers. Keeping this in view, time travel appears to be an achievable idea which is worth exploring.

The Countless Efforts

There is much evidence to the fact that many approaches have been made in time travel be it by Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawking. However, only a few theories could be expounded. The attempts of the United States, documents retrieved after Nicola Tesla’s death which revealed the schematic for a teleportation machine, also suggest that steps have been taken into this direction. Claims of Iranian men of having being built the time machine are also existent however the extraction of truth has not yet been attained.

The Theory of Everything

‘The Theory of Everything’ also known as the M-theory provides evidence of sending messages through time. The Philadelphia experiment is the greatest theory ever told in the time travel extravaganza.  The Montauk Project of sending soldier’s flying through time has also conducted researches on whether travelling through time is possible. The results arrived at have always not been possible.

There Exists a Negative Side Too

If there has been positivity attached to each approach then there are certain apprehensions too. What if by travelling in the past we altered some phenomenal occurrences? That would lead our present into a wormhole!

Possibility of a Myth

There is a lot of suggestion in the world that Time Travel is being actively developed. Our minds are asleep yet we know it exists. People asserting that they have travelled through time and have achieved time travel still appears to be a myth. Time Travel is not a non achievable venture but it is not even something that can be attained in the blink of an eye.

There is a Long Way to Go

There are long paths to traverse before we can actually cross ways in the past and the future. Till then in the words of Stephen Hawking there only exists a parallel world relating to time travel. Otherwise we all travel in time. During the past year I have moved forward one year and so have you!



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